The Magic Of Working Part-Time On Your Dream

Part-Time – Why Bother?

Life is so busy, I know I have gotten caught up in working endless hours on my full time job. It is important to keep everything in perspective, and dedicate a consistent amount of hours every week to furthering your goals and dreams. Simply put:

Work full time on your job and part time on your dream (this is a little twist from the Jim Rohn quote that may come to mind!).

The magic of part-time is that you don’t have to have an all or nothing approach to achieving your dream. Let’s say you want to start your own business, since 9/10 businesses fail – this is probably a very risky venture for you and your family. Unfortunately too many people go into a new venture all in, flop, then retreat back to being a frustrated employee.

When you start working part-time, as with any endeavor in life it’s important to set some goals. Here is my first goal in my part-time endeavor: make as much money part-time on my dream as I do full-time on my job. Pretty cool huh? I hear statistics from other countries that work fewer hours and are more productive – I believe there is a better way here in the U.S. too. Helping people take on the challenges and opportunities of part-time ventures with low-risk might be the thing that solves the economy!!

Additionally, starting a venture part-time will allow you to test the water and see if this venture is a good fit for you. Once you feel confident about the decision, lean into it some more – then when you are ready to commit go all in and burn your bridges that will let you retreat! This transition process using the magic of part-time can be your ticket into owning your own life, and even helping others do the same.

As Mark Twain once said:

The two most important days of your life are the day your were born and the day you die.

Let’s get going on your dream! Contact Seth to learn about opportunities sharing solar energy:


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