Our home and tiny house network is growing!

It is so nice to meet so many others interested in the tiny house movement and building community. We have made wonderful progress on our home, and may even be able to move in by mid May up from my earlier estimate of June 1st!!!

We have learned a lot from my father Jon who has been the leader making it all happen. It is amazing to see how efficient days are when he is here, compared to my endless puttering to get something done…

For anyone interested in seeing our building plans and pictures in addition to those on this blog, feel free to explore our public google drive folder we are regularly adding to:


And here are a couple pictures of recent progress on our home:

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In addition to the physical building of our tiny house, we are using this as an opportunity to connect with as many others interested in community. Out of this effort, about a half dozen others and us have developed a steering committee get communities going here in the MA/RI/NH/CT areas and maybe beyond. Here is a link to our goals/vision document we have developed:


The next phase of our community planning is developing as survey to help locate others interested in community as well. We are very close to a final draft ready to get out there!!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us with our tiny house and permaculture community vision, we are so excited to be actively creating the world we have been dreaming about for so long. Here we go ūüôā


Day 1: Wow, we are really started!!!

Thank you to the many awesome people that joined us today to get started on our tiny house with our mini-barn raising today!! We made more progress than I expected, and hope to have enough lumber to keep the project busy tomorrow until the local lumber yards Koopman’s opens back up on Monday. And of course a big shout out to the many people that have loaned me tools and their design feedback suggestions! Our day started off with some snow showers, and eventually cleared up and turned into a very pleasant afternoon. Today was a ¬†big deal, not only starting our house – but the first time I have led a group of people on a construction project (the last time I did this was building a chicken coop with my after school program at Touchstone Community School.

We have a unique Tiny House design that will feel really spacious, particularly the gooseneck trailer element for headroom in the bedroom – please share this post with your network to get the word out about our twist on two designs…

Funny start to the construction: I needed a few boards delivered in the morning, and Matt – the lumber delivery guy is into tiny houses and is going to talk to his boss at Koopmans lumber here in Grafton, MA to see how we can get a workshop or something for the tiny house community through Koopmans. Just like Wright Trailers in Seekonk have become a go-to resource for tiny house trailers because they are super accommodating and knowledgeable about tiny house needs – maybe Koopmans will do the same?

So progress for today: our original plan was to cut the sheets of plywood lengthwise and fit them up under the frame. This didn’t work since the dimensions were too tight so we adjusted our gamep lan and ran the plywood lengthwise front to rear of the trailer. You will see in the pictures 2×4 wood around the inside perimeter of the frame. We used screws with washers to drill up through the 2×2″ angle iron to fasten the plywood down, and also provide some needed rigidity in the middle of the trailer (even though the plywood is not load bear, it will be good for it to be supported and not let any moisture in to the dense pack cellulose we plan to use for insulation in our floor. Also, we had to notch the wood around the trailer’s electric brake cables…

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Mid day was a much needed lunch break with a nice spread of food with time to review our building plans since.

The trickiest part seemed to be all the cuts required to get the plywood to fix snuggly into the gooseneck/upper portion of the trailer. It turned into a family event, with parents and kids all working together really well to make it happen. I included some awesome tiny house artwork on some of the scrap wood, a wonderful addition to the many laughs from good to mediocre jokes (I will take responsibility for the puns!).

Tomorrow’s weather is looking chillier but no sign of precipitation so we will likely get all of the sill plates anchored to the trailer and will be ready for our plywood decking that we will be building walls on (we might even frame a couple smaller wall sections to get a jump on our wall raising party next weekend!

If you or a friend are interested in ¬†coming here¬†and learning more about building tiny houses please have them send me an email: sethmansur@gmail.com. Today’s gathering was wonderful to meet several other’s interested in living tiny; I look forward to more conversations about tiny house living options and building community through collective building projects like today’s work. Time to eat some food!!

Looking for head room in a tiny house – go GOOSENECK!!

Who loves being hunched over? I am 6’1″, and I either hit my head on low doorways/ceilings or end up hunching/slouching. Every time I curl up my spine and dip my head to hunch below a low doorway or most tiny house lofts, I can hear my chiropractor in my ear: stand up straight, don’t hunch to just because most of the world is shorter than you!

This is why my wife and I are going with a¬†gooseneck trailer¬†design for our tiny house. The sleeping loft area will have over 7′ or head room! Check out a recent addition to my website with more info about gooseneck tiny house design, and the pros/cons of using a gooseneck trailer vs. the typical flat utility trailer design.

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