Our home and tiny house network is growing!

It is so nice to meet so many others interested in the tiny house movement and building community. We have made wonderful progress on our home, and may even be able to move in by mid May up from my earlier estimate of June 1st!!!

We have learned a lot from my father Jon who has been the leader making it all happen. It is amazing to see how efficient days are when he is here, compared to my endless puttering to get something done…

For anyone interested in seeing our building plans and pictures in addition to those on this blog, feel free to explore our public google drive folder we are regularly adding to:


And here are a couple pictures of recent progress on our home:

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In addition to the physical building of our tiny house, we are using this as an opportunity to connect with as many others interested in community. Out of this effort, about a half dozen others and us have developed a steering committee get communities going here in the MA/RI/NH/CT areas and maybe beyond. Here is a link to our goals/vision document we have developed:


The next phase of our community planning is developing as survey to help locate others interested in community as well. We are very close to a final draft ready to get out there!!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us with our tiny house and permaculture community vision, we are so excited to be actively creating the world we have been dreaming about for so long. Here we go 🙂