We Are Ready To Build Our Tiny House!!

Hey everyone,

With our trailer completed, we are ready to build our tiny house! There are so many people that have been extremely helpful in our decision to go for a tiny house, and go through the design details – with several people that have been extremely welcoming letting us check out their tiny houses!!

We would greatly appreciate any help in our building process, and will have food for all volunteers and we will have plenty of time throughout the building process for mini lessons on how to build a tiny house on a trailer (most of the building practices can be transferred to a permanent house).

My dad is a great carpenter and teacher and will be in town to teach and direct the construction party (tiny house barn-raising!!) on the following days at my in-laws house in Grafton, MA, can you let me know which day(s) you would be able to help us out? March: 14,15,18, 28,29. April: 18,19. If there is another day after March 14th you and/or a friend would be available to help we can definitely set some additional days.

Please email/text/ or call to rsvp so we know how much food to have ready! This will be a wonderful time to get people together that are interested in tiny houses/permaculture (once the snow melts I can give tours of my edible forest and give out perennial plants to people that come help with our tiny house!)

-Seth Mansur sethmansur@gmail.com 413-824-9573


3 thoughts on “We Are Ready To Build Our Tiny House!!

  1. Hi,
    I was just glancing at your blog & noticed you use the word sustainable a lot. May I be so cheeky to ask if you are an Advocate of the United Nation’s Agenda 21? If so how do you feel about the Depopulation Agenda?

    I’m all for Tiny Houses for many reasons, but I’m completely against the Stack em & Pack em principle in sustainable communities etc.

    This is a genuine & sincere query.

    Kindest regards

    • That One Song,
      Thanks for the question. I was not aware of the Agenda 21, and skimmed thru it just now at: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/index.php?page=view&nr=23&type=400

      If you can direct me to the part that emphasizes the high density/stacking housing I would appreciate it. I like using the word sustainable – a lot! I have no political agenda with the word, if anything I prefer to use “regenerative” but it is often misunderstood compared to the more often used: sustainable. In terms of tiny houses, I like to focus on “human-scale living,” it is all about living within the carrying capacity of the earth. Thru permaculture principles we can live more densely and leave more land to wilderness. Whether someone chooses to live in a detached tiny house or a micro apartment, I think it is best to live lighter on the earth – which also leads to more resource sharing since you can’t own every gizmo and gadget in a tiny house… thoughts?

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