Looking for head room in a tiny house – go GOOSENECK!!

Who loves being hunched over? I am 6’1″, and I either hit my head on low doorways/ceilings or end up hunching/slouching. Every time I curl up my spine and dip my head to hunch below a low doorway or most tiny house lofts, I can hear my chiropractor in my ear: stand up straight, don’t hunch to just because most of the world is shorter than you!

This is why my wife and I are going with a gooseneck trailer design for our tiny house. The sleeping loft area will have over 7′ or head room! Check out a recent addition to my website with more info about gooseneck tiny house design, and the pros/cons of using a gooseneck trailer vs. the typical flat utility trailer design.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for head room in a tiny house – go GOOSENECK!!

    • The bathtub is one piece we are changing for ours. We are opting for a 4 foot stand up shower since a bathtup will require a lot of water. My hope is to live near someone with a hot tub like we do now!!
      As for the upper berth, because it is 8″ channel steel that is welded, it is ridiculously strong. The overhang area could extend even further but we will already have our structure measuring 32′, since the base floor layout is 24′ long, and the gooseneck adds 8′ of length.
      Are you building a tiny house too?

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