Looking for head room in a tiny house – go GOOSENECK!!

Who loves being hunched over? I am 6’1″, and I either hit my head on low doorways/ceilings or end up hunching/slouching. Every time I curl up my spine and dip my head to hunch below a low doorway or most tiny house lofts, I can hear my chiropractor in my ear: stand up straight, don’t hunch to just because most of the world is shorter than you!

This is why my wife and I are going with a¬†gooseneck trailer¬†design for our tiny house. The sleeping loft area will have over 7′ or head room! Check out a recent addition to my website with more info about gooseneck tiny house design, and the pros/cons of using a gooseneck trailer vs. the typical flat utility trailer design.

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