Can tiny houses save the world?

There has been a lot of talk about tiny houses. A reality TV show, the news show Chronicle with a nice piece, and I just heard the other day about the Pawn Stars show that included tiny houses.

In 1978 the average new house size in the U.S. was 1,655 square feet. Compare that to 2,169 in the most recent census. Why are houses getting smaller, while the average family size has decreased? Craziness, pure craziness!! We here in the U.S. use way more resources than most people in the world. Some estimates say that it would take 5 worlds if everyone on Earth consumed as many resources as we do here in the U.S. Tiny houses seem to average between 100 square feet or smaller to upwards of 400 square feet. Imagine the resource savings of building & maintaining properties that are 5-20 times smaller than current averages?? TINY HOUSES REALLY COULD SAVE THE WORLD!

Why is it important to pay attention to this trend? Tiny houses are a reflection of  a sustainable society by using few resources to build, operate, and maintain, along with creating deeper interpersonal connections since people don’t isolate themselves in their “wing” of the house. And an even deeper reason: people and their employment are more mobile than they have ever been.

We have all seen the statistics: Our grandparents used to be able to graduate from high school and work a job for 40 years and retire comfortably. Most people are living a very different reality: going deep into debt to complete college, then moving jobs and even professions every 5-7 years. How can someone feel settled if they employment shifts so much? The answer: tiny houses!

While some have chosen RVs, or recreational vehicles, many are opting for the home feel of a lumber framed tiny house that replicates a typical house in many ways – except smaller and uses the space extremely efficiently. Read more about tiny houses here.

What kind of tiny house would you like to live in??


What is “Akrasia”? I Bet It’s Part of Your Life…

What a great read! Akrasia is something all social entrepreneurs face at times. Thanks for the tips!!

The Little Black Book of Business

It’s not too often that I come across a nifty word online, but this week I did.

Akrasia: The paradox of wanting to do something beneficial, but failing to do it.

The word/concept spoke to me as we enter the New Year, and it helped me name WHY I don’t do what I know I should be doing.

So why do we wait to do things that can help us?

Because – for most situations – the results aren’t instantaneous.

Our Achilles’ heel is living in an “everything NOW culture.”

We can push an app button and find local restaurants NOW.
We are told we can take a diet pill and get results NOW.
We can enter info online and get approved for a credit card NOW.

However, to embrace some beneficial changes, we need to let go of NOW and accept the concept of LATER.

We need to invest in our…

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A belated Christmas and lots of snow!

Certainly an interesting Christmas, first time in my entire life I didn’t spend it with either side of my family, all with my wife’s family. It was quite nice not having to travel and do multiple Christmases in the same day but it definitely felt off, and a good perspective on change in the new year!

2015 has lots of changes ahead for us, from building are tiny home, expanding our edible forest, to teaching and empowering my green minded friends with employment that is rewarding in all types of ways!

The sustainable revolution is like a big tidal wave, it’s going to happen whether you want to or not. What’s awesome is there are so many ways to be on the leading edge of the wave and it’s a great place to be!

A Work In Progress…

Hey everyone! 

I am excited to make some big updates to my page to better communicate all of the opportunities to engage in and support the sustainability revolution. After more than a decade focused on sustainability in numerous areas of life, my goal is to bring together my experiences and resources in a way the helps the sustainability movement.

The website template I am using now is only temporary, since I can only have 1 menu button to organize the pages! 2015 is off to a great start, I look forward to providing valuable content as often as the community is ready for it!!

If you can take a minute to share your thoughts on what type of sustainable content is most needed here on the vast interWeb I’d love to get your feedback!