Nutrient Dense Food For Students

The more crops we grow in our soil with conventional methods, the more we mine all the nutrition out of the soil and feed our children empty calories (think donuts from the garden!). We can do better, and nutrient dense agriculture is a great method to quickly re-mineralized the soil that the glaciers scraped clean over 10,000 years ago.

Yes, getting a soil test and measuring exact quantities in soil is great. Don’t get overwhelmed, buy a bag of the spring and fall blend and spread the minerals over your soil. Add in some organic matter, and you will be amazed how you soil biology and food grown will become much healthier. At our school we re-mineralized, and mulched with paper and wood chips on top and people are amazed at the produce we grew in the first year on marginal soil!

Bio nutrient food association:

An additional step you can take is to mulch or compost with seaweed, since there are dozens of minerals in the sea that get transferred to your garden. This is how the Findhorn community in northern Scotland were growing enormous 50 pound cabbages in the sandy soil up there!

Findhorn Ecovillage:


8 thoughts on “Nutrient Dense Food For Students

  1. You can also use living plants to increase soil health, and garden abundance – like clover, comfrey, dock, and more. Plus, think of the abundance of nutrient dense, free wild foods – like dandelion, lambs quarters, purslane, chickweed and plantain

    • Thanks for pointing this out leapfroggarden! While i applaude any educated attempt to increase the nutrient density in our soil, to my mind doing something as a “quick fix” is how we got hooked into fertilizers and chemicals in the first place. It is true sometimes we can get a jumpstart by using packaged items, in my experience is to work with nature and speed up thher natural processes by using the plants themselves too pullnutrients and to decompose through the amazing power of the worm!

      I loved the reference to Findhorn Ecovillage, there is much we can learning from their entire lifestyle!

      • Hello,
        Great feedback! I agree a plant based solution is the long term solution as well. My next post I am working on will explore the self-renewing fertility that can be achieved with a thought out landscape design and plant selection.

  2. If we want to regenerate the soil health of our large scale agriculture systems we need to legalize hemp and start healing the soil. Plus a bunch of other Ideas I don’t have time to get into. Great post. Thanks.
    Permaculture for the win.

    • I agree Kyle, thanks for the feedback! It’s too back the cotton industry conflated hemp with being a terrible thing. Despite the fact that our constitution was written on hemp!

  3. When you say “buy a bag of the spring and fall blend and spread the minerals over your soil.” what actual minerals are you referring to? Are these pre-made bags of soil or certain nutrients? Any specific recommendations of brands or products?

    • I advocate using the nutrient density supply company ( dan is the founder of the bionutrient food association as well. Check out their catalog fir the spring and fall blend minerals!!

    • Check out the Nutrient Dense Supply Company website: and look for the fall and spring blend. This is specific to new england soils that are nutrient poor mainly due to the glaciers scraping the minerals from the top soil, followed by decades of poor soil management by many people…

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